Singing the Sidmouth Rocks

Fantastic – the SidRocks Songbook is now available from the Sidmouth Museum. Go get a copy!

To help with the music-making, here are some extra resources. Below areĀ audio files of each of the songs, apart from Pennington Point Layered Song – that one’s really easy to just learn on the day!

Flandrian Transgression
Otter Sandstone
Tectonic Plates Awayo
Petrogenesis Patter
Jacob’s Ladder’s Fault


Extra Music Parts

Here are some ideas for instrumental harmony parts for a couple of the songs. More to follow. Feel free though, if you play a melody instrument, to jam a countermelody/harmony part along – as long as it’s not in the style of Schoenberg, we should be fine!

Flandrian Transgression Harmony

Otter Sandstone