Sidrocks : Singing the Geology of Sidmouth Aug 2016

 (August 2013-2016) Composer and Animateur.

Singing the Sidmouth Rocks is a community singing and music making project devised and led by Emma and geologist, Dr Roger Trend on behalf of the Sidmouth Museum. In 2013, Emma and Roger worked together to compose a cycle of songs about the Jurassic coastline of Sidmouth, with songs focusing on specific points of geological interest which are taken in on the geology walk led by the Sidmouth Museum.  Over a day-long workshop, participants of all ages come together to learn the songs, and music parts – many learning the ukulele for the first time, and then the massive group venture down to the Sidmouth Prom to take the Geology walk and perform  their songs to the Folk Week public along the seafront. By popular demand, the project has run every year since, and in 2015, the walk attracted 80 people with forty singing and playing instruments.

Songs include:

  • The Pennington Point Layered Song
  • Flandrian Transgression
  • Otter Sandstone
  • It’s Jacob’s Ladder’s Fault
  • Tectonic Plates Away-o
  • The Petrogenesis Song

The songs are written for mixed voices and instruments in an acoustic folk style accompaniment with descant parts for melody instruments.



“Organised by Roger Trend and his talented daughter Emma, the third year of this event proved more popular than ever. The morning session of learning music and songs, including some new ones, attracted over 40 people. Roger must then have felt somewhat like the Pied Piper, as he and Emma led 80 plus people on the walk performing the songs. And, this was on a very bad day when no-one else braved the Esplanade! Our thanks to both Roger and Emma for all their sterling efforts