Goodbye Bishop Stortford Sinfonia

So sad to be saying goodbye to the Bishop Stortford Sinfonia. Simon Gilliver has done an amazing job in creating a professional orchestra for the South East and Rebecca Miller is such an inspiring conductor to work with. Good luck with future concerts and the Summer School. Maybe we’ll work together again one day but for now – goodbye!

NOFA Spring Course: Birmingham Conservatoire

Just back from the National Orchestra for All Spring Course. Exhausted – even though I got a good nights sleep!! It’s so exciting to perform new pieces alongside traditional repertoire and Orchestra of Overheard Conversations is such a great piece to perform. Well done to the Ambassadors for explaining how it was created so effectively! Great course, wonderful players, and such a superb venue to perform in! 

Goodbye Ware Community Orchestra

After a couple of years of very enjoyable music sessions – I’ve left the Ware Community Orchestra in the hands of its players. Thank you so much to everyone who has joined in since it started after the pop-up day in 2017. I’m really pleased that we’ve managed to create an inclusive community orchestra for Ware and hope that it will continue for many years to come.

Good luck everyone!

Harlow Symphony Orchestra 2nd December 2018

I’m so delighted to have finally conducted Beethoven 7. I always thought Eroica was my favourite, but now I’m definitely not so sure! Thank you to Jamal Aliyev for giving such a generous, and excellent performance of the Schumann Cello Concerto. Thanks for having me back to another concert Harlow!

New musical ‘Perfect’ plays Latitude Festival 2018

How proud am I? My first musical just played at Latitude Festival. The Lyric Hammersmith produced this last year and we recreated a 55 minute version for the festival. A slightly new line of musicians, an extra song or two and a bit of stuff cut out, but it was just as good as the original full length. Full Theatre tent – and I think they liked it! ‘How to Fail at Being Perfect’ is available for performance, and I know I’m biased – but it’s really good and I’ll well proud! Thanks Nele and Nicholai and Becky!


NOFA Leeds 2018

What a wonderful Summer Course that was! It was such a joy to work with the amazing NOFA orchestra once more – and all our special guests – Ben Baker, Tyrone Lewis and Rap Club. Highlights were certainly the Friday evening Keelie performance. We totally got the audience to their feet dancing everyone – well done! And the Recital evening had some superb moments I’m sure we all agree. Finally – how great to have the wonderful Justin Fung join our conducting team. He’s so stylish! Well done everyone. Can’t wait til next one! Can I have a rest now ?- I can barely walk, but I think Fred enjoyed it!

Harlow Symphony Orchestra 11th March

Stepped in at last-ish minute to conduct the lovely Harlow Symphony Orchestra. I’d never heard Saint-Saens 2nd symphony – and now I absolutely love it. The fourth movement seemed to be over so quickly though!! Thanks Harlow – perhaps I’ll come to join in playing again now, I really enjoyed working with you, thanks for welcoming me!